Saygin Yalcin Net Worth 2022- Cars, Income, Age, Wealth, Bio

Saygin Yalcin Net Worth : He is among the most well-known businessmen in the UAE due to his innovative concept. Saygin is the founder of the largest Dubai-based businesses and Also, he is the founder of the largest private shopping club online within the ME,

Saygin Yalcin is a Youtube channel with a massive fans from all over the world. Recently, he crossed 1 million subscribers on Youtube The channel was created by him on channel on the 17th of November, 2013. Let’s discuss the net worth of Saygin Yalcin’s car’s home business and also his profession.

Saygin Yalcin Net Worth

Saygin Yalcin Net Worth

In 2022, the HTML0 Saygin Yalcin’s net worth is in Indian Rupees will be (36000 crore) and 5 billion dollars. He is the most successful businessman in the world and is in the top 10 entrepreneurs across the Middle East. Saygin earns money from show. Most of his income comes through his business model “Sell any car” and many more.

Saygin Yalcin’s income per year is 500 million dollars which is 3600 crore worth of Indian rupees. He is among the most successful businessmen within the Gulf country at a young age. He earns money through social media such as Youtube and various other platforms.

Saygin Yalcin Biography

Name Saygin Yalcin
Net Worth 2022 $5 Billion
Yearly Income $500 Million
Age 36 Years Old
Date of Birth 14 May 1985
Birth Place Bremen, Germany
Height 5.8 Feet (176 cm)
Weight 60 Kg (132 Lbs )
Marital Status Unmarried
Nationality German
Education, Qualification Master’s Degree in Business
Food Habit Non-Vegetarian
Hobbies photography, learning, traveling,
Reading, Exercise
Origin Turkish
Profession Entrepreneur
Zodia Sign Taurus
Instagram Saygin Yalcin
Twitter Saygin Yalcin

Saygin Yalcin Career

Saygin Yalcin was born on 14 May 1985 in Bremen, Germany. He’ll be 36 in 2022. He was born in Turkish in addition to German. At the age of 18 years of age, he moved in New York to learn English. He was looking to be an elite Football player.

When Saygin was just 19 years old, he thought that if i or one of the top Football players, I could be multi millionaire, however, should I be one of the 500 top entrepreneurs in the world , I could be multi-billionaire. He then decided to pursue a career in business.

Saygin Yalcin Business Journey

Additionally in the period when Saygin was between 15 and 16 years old, he became DJ, and then he relocated from the UK to New York to learn English and also to participate in the most important events the scene. He had to think of an idea to make it feasible, which was his first business idea.

Following that, Saygin returned to Germany and began his business school studies. Then he relocated to Mexico where he completed his studies too. Saygin was keen to study Spanish. Therefore, he completed the MBA course in Mexico and then returned to Germany and completed his degree in Germany.

Saygin Yalcin Business Journey

Apart from that, when Saygin was 15 to 16 years old he was a DJ and he moved to New York to learn English and also wanted to play in the biggest events on there. So he had to come up with a business idea that makes it work, so that was his first kind of business venture.

After that Saygin moved back to Germany and started his studies at business school. And he moved to Mexico, he studied there as well Saygin wanted to learn Spanish. So he did an MBA program in Mexico then he moved back to Germany and Graduated here.

Saygin Moved To Dubai

Saygin was moved to Dubai in 2010 carrying his backpack. He was a struggling appearance in Dubai. There was no office for him. Saygin was at an eatery in Barcia and utilized it as an office there was free Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi was used to develop the business plan that he would present to investors about hiring prospective team members. Saygin has achieved so much at such his young age that is truly inspirational.

As the business grew, within the first seven months following its launch, Saygin earned an average of a million dollars per month. While Saygin resided in Germany He started the business using money borrowed from two of his friends. It was a fashionable brand that offered women’s handbags with diamond rings and handbags for ladies. However, the business did not succeed due to its lack of funds.


Saygin Yalcin is the most successful businessman in Dubai. He owns a million-dollar car collection. The first luxurious car he owns is the “Rolls Royce Wraith” this car is loaded with amenities, including the V12 engine with 453 brake horsepower, parking sensors and more. The price for the car is $330,000, in addition to India 6.22 Cr. Saygin Yalcin offers high-end cars, including the “Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder” The price of this car amounts to thirty eighty-eight thousand US dollars. It also costs 4.2 crores in Indian rupees. The car is capable of going the speed of 100 km/h within 3.1 seconds.

Saygin is the owner of “Lamborghini Huracan Performante” which is priced at around $274,000 with India 3.97 Cr. “Laferrari” cost of the car $2.2 Million in India 16.08 Crore. Saygin has his “Lykan Fenyr” price of $1.85 Million 13.52 Crore. “Bughati Veyron” price $1.7 Million 12.43 Crore.

Apart from sports cars , he also has comfortable cars, such as “Mercedez Maybach S650” price $173,000 and 2.73 Crore. And the final car Saygin Yalcin owns is “Mercedez AMG G63” priced at of 147,500 as well as 2.19 Crore. Saygin Yalcin also has an “private Jet” which cost approximately $36 million in India 263 crore.


Saygin Yalcin has lots of properties throughout the UAE. He is currently living in the world’s highest building, Saygin owns an apartment in Burj Khalifa. The space is 1,778 square feet, with fitness center and plenty of other amenities. The price for one apartment is $2 million. In 2019, Saygin purchased a brand new home in Dubai.

The house comes with incredible features, like the fingerprint sensor that unlocks the door. Everything inside the house can control via your phone. The house cost him $17 million. He also has an individual I Land which cost him $80 million while in India 585 crore.


How much is Net Worth of Saygin Yalcin?
In 2022 Saygin Yalcin Net Worth in Indian rupees is (36000 crore) and 5 Billion USD. He is the wealthiest businessman and on the list of top 10 Entrepreneurs in the Middle East. Saygin makes money during the shows.
Where was Saygin Yalcin born?
Saygin Yalcin was born on 5 May 1985 in Bremen, Germany. He is 36 years old in 2022. He is originally Turkish and German.
What is the annual income of Saygin Yalcin?
Saygin Yalcin’s annual income is 500 Million Dollars which is 3600 Crore in Indian rupees. He becomes one of the richest entrepreneurs in the Gulf country at a very young age.
Who is Saygin Yalcin?
Saygin is one of the most popular entrepreneurs in the UAE because of his unique idea. Saygin is the owner of Dubai’s biggest companies and He is also the founder of the biggest private online shopping Club in the ME, Saygin Yalcin also has a Youtube channel with an amazing fan following across the world.


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