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Tyler Herro Net Worth:Tyler Herro is a well-known American pro basketball star with earned a net worth of 5 Million US. He is among the most talented basketball players who currently plays in the Miami Heat of the National Basketball Association. He started playing basketball at a relatively young age.

Tyler Hero is quite a new player to the NBA and the young man has plenty of potential and is bound to test practicing his skills on the court every time he’s in an event. He is among the best basketball players rising around the globe and has made a name for himself in a relatively short time. He is the real Tyler Christopher Herro, better known as Boy Wonder, his nickname. Boy Wonder.

Tyler Herro rose to fame after playing with the Kentucky Wildcats in college basketball for a single season. Today we’ll be discussing the total net worth of Tyler Herro, his income source in wealth, wealth, numerous brands, assets, cars, a luxurious lifestyle extravagant house, with information about his life in love, his work, and life.

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Net Worth 2022

Name Tyler Herro
Net Worth 2022 $5 Million
Age 21
Salary $4 Million
Profession Basketball player
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Aquarius

Tyler Herro Net Worth

In the year 2022 Tyler Herro Net Worth is estimated at around $5 million US. Because of his recent debut in the sport it is evident that the money Tyler receives isn’t as great in comparison to what other professional basketball players on his team currently earn. In the year 2019, Tyler Herro signed a contract to join Miami Heat for $3.6 million.

There’s another possibility that he could select from, which is signing an $3.8 million contract with 2020’s NBA 2020. Tyler Herro’s annual earnings are over $4 million. In addition to his basketball prowess He also enjoyed fashion and photography. Tyler also has his own brand of cereal. It’s a limited collection of HerrO’s Fruit Hoops.

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Early Life

Tyler Christopher Herro was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States on the 20th day of January in 2000. His parents were his dad Christopher Herro and his mother Jennifer Herro. Tyler is the younger brother of two brothers, named Austin Herro and Myles Herro Both of them are interested in the sport of basketball.

As a child, his talent was acknowledged by his family and friends who would usually refer to him by his name, Boy Wonder. Tyler graduated at The Whitnall High School located in Greenfield and then went on to the University of Kentucky where he earned a degree in communications.


Tyler began his professional career at a very young age and excelled in basketball during high school. In reality, it’s reported that he scored upwards of 2000 points in his time at high school. In addition being named as the 1st Team All-State because of his amazing performance. After achieving a massive accomplishment at the high school level the student was offered scholarships by many schools, including Oregon State University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Arizona State University and many more.

Then, he chose to attend The university of Wisconsin Madisonwhere where he was a part of the Kentucky Wildcats and won a number of awards. The distinctions that he earned are the All Freshman First Teamby Basketball Times as well as the Associated Press giving him the award of Southeastern Conference Rookie of the Year.

The year 2019 was the most important breakthrough year in his career, where it was the first time he played basketball professionally. He was selected on the 20th of June in June of 2019 when he was picked as the 13th overall selection from the Miami Heat. Tyler Herro started his professional career with the Miami Heat in the year 2019 , when the team was awarded the top shooter by other rookies in the draft class of 2019.

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Tyler was a rookie in the NBA on October 23rd, 2019. The game started amazing with a score of 120-101 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies. The Heat ended their season’s opening game with a massive 14 points and two steals, assist, along with eight Rebounds. Herro was also a part of helping the Heat to make it to the finals of NBA 2020 but did not win a game in the finals after being defeated by Los Angeles Lakers. Lose Angles Lakers in 6 games.

Alongside that, Tyler also made NBA history as the very first Rookie to score four Clutch Three-Pointers during eight Postseason games, that has never been done during the history of the NBA. However, Tyler has also been included on a video for Jack Harlow’s song that was named in honor of Tyler.

Tyler Herro Biography

Full Name Tyler Christopher Herro
Nickname Boy Wonder
Age 21 years old
Date Of Birth January 20, 2000
Birth Place Milwaukee, Wisconsin,
United States
Height 6 ft 5 in (1.96 m)
Weight 88 kgs (195 lbs)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Wife Katya Elise Henry
Daughter Zya
Father Chris Herro
Mother Jen Herro
Nationality American
Hometown Greenfield, WI
Religion Christian
Twitter Tyler Herro
Instagram Tyler Herro
Hobbies Fashion and Photography

Personal Life

Tyler Herro got into a relationship with Katya Elise Henry who is an Instagram model and a fitness entrepreneur. Katya has a huge fan following on her Instagram. The couple also welcomed their first child a daughter named Zya Elise Herro. 


Tyler Herro is living a extravagant lifestyle in the gorgeous home that is situated in the middle of Miami, Florida. The basketball star lives in a house he rents that cost him about 5000 dollars per month.

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As with other elite basketball players, Tyler Herro is also attracted to high-end automobiles. He owns two vehicles at present. The first vehicle that Tyler bought was an S Class Mercedes AMG 2020 that cost him approximately $200,000. The second vehicle in his garage is an Jeep Wrangler Customized which costs $60,000. He also gave the brand new Porsche to his mother. The cost on the car was $80,000.


What is the salary of Tyler Herro?
Tyler Herro’s annual salary is more than $4 million.
How old is Tyler Herro?
Tyler Christopher Herro was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States, on the 20th of January in the year 2000, he is 21 years old.


How much is the worth of Tyler Herro?
As of 2022, Tyler Herro Net Worth is estimated to be around $5 Million US.


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